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Magician.  Consultant to playing card designers, manufacturers & magicians.  Vice President of 52 Plus Joker (52+J), the premier North American playing card collectors' society. Administrator of the 52+J forum,, and Chair of the 52+J Diamond Awards Committee.

In short, I know a few things about playing cards...


I've acquired a unique set of tools for the modification and alterations of playing cards, allowing me to create unique gaffed decks for the professional magician and card sharp.  I've practiced with these tools and learned to create professional-grade "weapons of mass distraction," including old favorites done better than what you'll find at retail and magic card concepts that are hard to find elsewhere.


Using either a deck you provide or one that I acquire for you, I can provide custom alterations that will allow you to use those cards to perform minor miracles of your choosing.  The work I perform can be customized to your preferences and experience level, from the commonly-available "commercial grade" to a professional grade that even some magicians won't detect...

Also available: pre-made gaffed decks, ready to ship at


These are a few of the things I can create for you with a deck of cards; click through for more details.  If you have something in mind that you don't see here, contact me below and perhaps I can create what you're thinking of.  Use the form at the bottom of the page to ask a question or request a quote for your deck(s).

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