Cutting a single edge of a deck.  Includes rounding of corners on the cut side.

Cut types:

SHORT CUT: the cards are made shorter (cut on one of the short edges), just like the key cards in a standard Svengali deck.

NARROW CUT: the cards are made more narrow (cut on one of the long edges).

WEDGE CUT: the cards are cut at a slight angle in order to make a stripper deck or similar - your choice of end-stripped (cut on a short edge) or edge-stripped (cut on a long edge [the traditional stripper deck cut]).

Cuts come in grades:

Prices listed are for services only, and include the deck itself if it is a USPC standard deck - some common examples of this would be Bicycle Standard (Rider Back), Bicycle 807 (Rider Back in the classic box with the full image of the card back on the back of the box), Bee Diamond Back, Tally Ho Original Circle Back and Tally Ho Original Fan Back.  For non-standard or premium decks that are still available on the market, the cost of the deck will be in addition to the cost of the services performed.  Payment is required up front for any custom orders.