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Coming Soon: the Blind Wizard Deck!

I've entered into a partnership with Murphy's Magic Supplies, a fantastic company and major wholesale supplier to magic shops all over North America, to bring them 150 units of the Blind Wizard Deck! A creation I'm rather proud of, Blind Wizard Decks are very useful tools in the hands of an experienced magician - end stripper decks cut to a very shallow angle, making them difficult to detect. "OK, so 'Wizard' covers the stripper part, since that's an old term for stripper decks, but what about 'Blind?'" Well, it's got an easy-to-learn TACTILE marking system! That's right, tactile - you read it by touch! And that's not all - the FACES as well as the BACKS are marked. This means you can tell the bottom card of the deck as well as the top card without having to peek - heck, you don't even have to have your eyes open!

I've made arrangements to provide Murphy's with 100 Bicycle decks (50 red, 50 blue) in the standard Rider Back design (US "Standard" boxes, post-2009) and 50 Tally Ho decks (38 red, 12 blue) in the popular-with-magicians "Original Circle Back" design. I've begun production of the decks and they should be delivered to Murphy's sometime in February, with them appearing in stores not too long thereafter. The MSRP on them will be $60 - a lot of work goes into the making of a single deck and trust me, as a utility deck, it will be worth every dollar.

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