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New Tool, New Deck Offerings!

A few days ago, I acquired a new tool to add to my arsenal - a device for crimping playing cards. I can crimp a poker-sized card either centered or offset - for bridge decks, I can only do offset with this tool.

If you take a deck and crimp a few cards in the center, you can easily cut to them, no problem - but it's only those specific cards you can do that with. This is good for specialized routines involving specific cards - or for card sharps, it allows you to control cards of a specific value or suit when needed.

With an offset crimp done through an entire deck, you get what's called a "breather deck" - I guess it's called that because of all the air that can pass through it! You can use a breather deck in similar ways to a stripper deck, but it's much more devious and subtle - many laymen have heard of stripper decks, but very few if any know about breather decks and crimping. You can't simply pull cards out of the middle or separate one half of the deck from the other a la "oil and water," but you can cut to any reversed card in the deck, easy peasy. (Just don't put them in a deck clip!)

Once I've completed my current job for Murphy's Magic Supplies later this month, I'll consider offering the "Blind Wizard Deck, Breather Edition," combining the Blind Wizard Deck's marking system with a breather deck's offset crimp instead of a stripped edge - send me an email if you're interested!

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