• Don Boyer

In the Home Stretch!

Hey, gang! As of early Monday (yesterday) afternoon, I'm 80% complete producing the Blind Wizard Decks ordered by Murphy's Magic Supplies! 120 of the 150 decks are done and tonight I work on the remaining 30. It's been a big task but a fun one - though that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to it being completed!

There's still a few other details that have to be worked on, such as creating a video to explain how the deck works to my customers and perhaps also creating another one to help sell the deck on the Murphy's website. I should be well on my way to getting the videos done by middle of next week. This week, I'm going to focus on photography - taking some good shots of the deck both in and out of the packaging for MMS to post on their page advertising the deck - as well as the script for the videos.

I'm a little nervous about the videos; I've shot simple, on-the-fly YouTube videos before but I don't have fancy equipment or high-end editing software to work with, so I'm going to be winging just a little bit here. But I'm sure I'll be able to put something presentable and enjoyable together!

What's next after this? Well, I did acquire that new crimping tool which I haven't even tried out yet due to being so busy on this project... I'm looking at testing a "Breather Edition" of the Blind Wizard Deck. I also noticed that there's a really interesting "roughing stick" on the market and I'm interested in testing that out - the process of using roughing spray is messy and requires a well-ventilated space, something most apartment dwellers simply don't have (especially during the winter in the Northeastern US)! And of course, should any of you out there want to place a custom order for a deck of your own, I'll be happy to hear what you'd like and work with you on bringing it to fruition!

Be well and I'll continue to keep you posted!

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