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Some Interesting Trivia About My Project

By the time I'm done creating 150 Blind Wizard Decks for Murphy's Magic Supplies, I will have...

* Carefully cut open the cellophane and deck seals of 150 decks using a razor.

* Handled and shaved the edge off of 8,400 playing cards, using the same razor. (I do change blades every four decks - two decks for each half of the blade. More than that would result in rough-looking cuts and more errors.)

* Rounded 16,800 corners of playing cards, to make those edges look natural.

* Punched 153,600 punch marks - that's 1,024 per deck - to create the tactile marking system.

That's a LOT of work, folks...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I'm planning to take my wife out, but we're opting to see a movie in the afternoon at a local movie house/restaurant that's part of the Alamo Drafthouse chain. It should be fairly quiet on a weekday afternoon, even if it is Valentine's Day, since most of the world will be at work. (It's my "weekend" from my other job, a night shift gig, and my wife's presently underemployed and will be off from her various gigs.) Tonight, I'll probably watch a movie at home with her (or maybe some old episodes of "the X-Files") while I continue cutting and punching decks...


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