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Happy Play More Cards Day

So, according to this article on USPC's website (, today is Play More Cards Day, as is the last Monday of every February. I remember the first time they promoted this holiday - they had a nice giveaway, sending out free packages with party cups, coasters, score pads, pencils and a brick (one dozen in a box, for those who don't buy cards in bulk) of Bicycle Standard playing cards. That was years ago, though - I can hardly remember how long exactly, but I'd guess at least three to five years. I heard something about a few people getting the freebies the following year, then nothing. I wonder how, if at all, they're celebrating this year? Perhaps by heading over to Japp's in Cincinnati and tossing back a few (that's the official bar of their collectors' fan club, Club 808).

That reminds me - I meant to check out Japp's when I visited the factory as part of a playing card collectors' convention put on by 52 Plus Joker ( - forgive the old website, we're working on getting it updated!) back in October but completely forgot about it! I suppose it's for the best - I was insanely busy at the con, getting very little sleep, meeting lots of great people and giving away samples of my deck tailoring handiwork as well as cutting a few decks for their designers.

But back to the point - did you know it was Play More Cards Day (PMCD)? How are you planning to celebrate? I'm hoping that by sometime in the wee hours of tonight/tomorrow morning, I'll have completed making punch marks on the last Blind Wizard Deck for shipment to Murphy's Magic Supplies! That means they'll be shipping as planned before the end of the month - that will be my way of celebrating. I still have a few t's to cross and i's to dot in terms of ancillary related work, like photos and video, but otherwise, this is mostly a done deal. I'll probably take a bit of a break and then experiment with the newest tool in my arsenal, a specialized jig for crimping cards, either centered or offset. Of course, I'll be available for any custom orders!

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