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It's DONE! The decks are finished, as you know, but now, the instructional video is finished, the advertising video is finished (as you can see from the embedded video above, an unlisted video on my YouTube channel!), the insert cards with links to the instructional video are printed and inserted into the product boxes, the boxes are individually sealed, the sealed boxes and packing slip are bagged up for safe transport, the bags are in a big shipping box, and that box is sitting at my UPS store with a paid label - the package goes out to Murphy's TOMORROW MORNING! I've taken care of the invoicing, Murphy's will host the instructional video in a password-protected section of their website and I'm told that the product will be made available from very soon after they receive my shipment to them and they process it - a matter of a few days at most! All that will be left after that is collecting the check from Murphy's (though there is the matter of dealing with Uncle Sam's cut of my profits)!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm rather excited by the whole thing. I celebrated by taking my wife out to dinner and a movie tonight - we saw "Annihilation"; she found it to be good, even meditative at points, though a bit on the scary side. I agree, though the scary part doesn't bother me as much as her - typical guy, right? ;)

So, I have exactly ONE extra deck from the Murphy's project... It's a Blind Wizard Deck, but whereas Murphy's asked for Bicycle Standard and Tally Ho Circle Back in red and blue, I made two more Bicycle Standard BW Decks with black-backed cards. One is for me to play with. What should I do with the other? I was considering some kind of promotional contest or giveaway or something. Any ideas?

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