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Now On Sale at Murphy's Magic Supplies!

It must have happened in the past few days, but now the Blind Wizard Deck is ON SALE at Murphy's Magic Supplies! They are a wholesaler, so if you want to get yours from them, you have to ask your local (or Internet-based) magic retailer to order them for you - most of them in North America use Murphy's as their primary supplier. You can check out the pages where retailers can order them - copy and paste the links:

Bicycle Rider Back in blue:

Bicycle Rider Back in red:

Tally Ho Circle Back in blue:

Tally Ho Circle Back in red:

Murphy's is selling the deck with an MSRP of $60. FYI: if you order these same products from me, I have an agreement with Murphy's to NOT undersell the MSRP.

I'm kind of blown away, seeing my product on sale like this! I wish they could have included the link to Ekaterina's review video, but it's company policy to not include links in their advertising.

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