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Great News! Murphy's Wants MORE!

Murphy's Magic Supplies has been selling the Blind Wizard deck for about two or three weeks now and it appears that they really liked it, or at least someone really liked it, 'cause they just reached out to me about ordering more of them! So if your magic retailer is sold out and can't get more right now, don't despair! Based on the size of the order they're considering, the decks will be on the Murphy's site around mid-late June at the latest, barring unforeseen delays, which means you could get them from your magic retailer by end of June or beginning of July. In the meantime, I'm still taking orders for custom work for those who are interested. The varieties Murphy's is considering are the same, but the quantities are a little different - less blue Bicycle Standards, less red Tally Ho Circle Backs, more blue Tally Ho Circle Backs. I'm happy to make ones for you in any designs you or I can get our hands on.

I'm trying to get them to consider an upgrade - using a look-alike model made at a higher quality control level, such as (in the case of Bicycle Standards) using Richard Turner Gold Seal Bicycle Professionals or Ellusionist Bicycle Masters. In each case, the deck is nearly identical in design - the Turner decks are only different in the ad cards and the Masters have different ad cards, a different (and more colorful) Ace of Spades and two identical "riding King" jokers. Turners use the "classic" box, which USPC now sells as "Bicycle 807," with a sticker on the back indicating their "for professionals," while the Masters have a somewhat different front but an "807" style back with the card back design dominating that side of the box.

While I'm tooting my own horn, allow me to toot someone else's as well. A friend of mine from the 52 Plus Joker Club, Will Roya of, launched a very successful Kickstarter project to get USPC to reprint the classic Arrco US Regulation decks in red and blue for the first time in about seven years. I've backed the project and I might tap his shoulder and ask to get more - they're excellent cards for magic and would make fantastic magician's gaffed decks in a number of varieties, including my popular Blind Wizard deck. He's met his goal and there's only 12 days to go - if you want to get some for yourself at the best possible pricing (especially if you want me to convert a few of them for you!), head over to the project page now!

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