• Don Boyer

Things Running Smoothly - and Roughly!

Been chugging along on the second order from Murphy's Magic Supplies for the Blind Wizard deck. I believe I'm a little past the halfway mark and at my current rate of progress, I should have the order completed before the end of June, possibly sooner - the wild card is how much work on the project I'll be able to complete over a one-week "staycation" I'm taking from my other job, which could speed things up a bit.

I also have to work on a demo video for the new versions of the deck that I'm considering. Murphy's is waiting patiently for them but I've been dedicating most of my time toward making decks rather than videos - perhaps this week, perhaps next, I'll get some work done on it.

In the meanwhile, I watched an excellent DVD for magicians that I highly recommend - Lawrence Turner's "The Rough & Smooth Project" from Big Blind Media in the UK. It's a little slow in terms of plot (hee hee) but it's absolutely filled with some great ideas if you're interested in working with "rough and smooth" gaffed deck concepts. One of my favorites was a deck that could in essence work like an Invisible deck, but you'd get to show off card backs and the revealed card would have a different back to the rest of the deck! I'm planning to offer the decks featured in this DVD as part of my repertoire, should anyone be interested, but the video's a worthwhile bit of instruction regardless and it comes with a sample of Harry Robson's Roughing Stick, a fantastic alternative to using roughing spray when making such decks. A full-sized stick is another thing no magician into gaffed decks like these should be without - according to the ad copy, one stick will rough a hundred and fifty decks, so for most ordinary magicians making such decks for themselves, it's practically a lifetime supply. I have the sample, a full stick and an order for two more sticks! They're not easy to find right now - Robson's own website is down for maintenance and many magic shops are sold out of it - but if you can get one without paying a king's ransom, go for it! In the meantime, I have to re-watch that video and take copious notes!

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