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Wow - New Logos!

It has been WAY too long since my last blog post! There's a few things going on - I've touched up the web site a bit, adding my new logos, created courtesy of an old friend and graphic designer, Paulo Pereira. I think he's done a great job - I wanted something fairly simple and iconic that got the message across and while it's not the Nike swoosh or McDonald's Gold Arches, it'll do just fine, I think!

Murphy's Magic Supplies has my latest purchase order in hand - it's been over a month now and they're selling nicely. I'm also taking on occasional commission work - I recently completed a job for a repeat customer who's very fond of the Bicycle Rider Back in black, like the one I use in the Blind Wizard video I made for Murphy's. My first job for him was a BW deck in black Rider Back, the second was a bit more complex - I made a Blind Corner-Short deck (a corner-shorted deck that also has the Blind marking system on the faces and backs, just like the BW deck), I converted two Svengali decks into Mirage decks (using rough-smooth, the deck becomes spreadable/fannable without giving away the gimmick) and converted a half-deck of blank backers and a half-deck of blank facers into a Mental Photography deck - all in black Rider Backs.

Actually, those black Rider Back blank facers were an interesting find. He found a print shop that specializes in Bicycle gaff card work and does a respectable job of it - it's not perfect to the last detail, but it's good enough to fool spectators, no sweat; fellow magicians and card experts/collectors would know the difference, though only by touch, not by sight! If you're in the market for some custom-printed gaff cards and just can't find what you're seeking at your favorite local or web-based magic shop, drop me a line and I'll pass on the info to you.

Lorenzo Gaggiotti, better known as the designer behind Stockholm17, has a little something up his sleeve for Monday! Some of you may know that in addition to the lovely decks he's created and produced for himself using Kickstarter, he designed a deck series called "Ravn Playing Cards" for Stockholm-based magician Caroline Ravn. Set 3 of the Ravn deck will premiere on Kickstarter this Monday with a revamped design - not only are they again using Cartamundi to do the print work, but there will be a special reward tier for those seeking a deck with, ahem, "a little extra inside!" Yes, I've been commissioned by Stockholm17 to create a shallow-cut, end-stripped version of the new Ravn deck for backers, in limited quantities! If this is something you're interested in, get in on that Kickstarter ASAP, especially if you want to take advantage of any early bird specials they'll be offering. Keep an eye on for more information!

If you're a member of 52 Plus Joker ( and haven't done so already, don't forget to vote for your favorites for Playing Card Deck of the Year and Playing Card Artist of the Year in this year's Diamond Awards - the voting has already begun and concludes Saturday, September 8th at 04:01 UTC (that's a minute after midnight Eastern time in North America). I will again be performing as master of ceremonies at the Diamond Awards Presentation during the Gala Dinner that concludes the Annual 52 Plus Joker Convention on Saturday, October 13th at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville, Ohio (outside of Cleveland). I've been to two conventions so far and they've each been a total blast for me - in fact, this business wouldn't even exist were it not for the contacts I made at last year's convention, held in the US Playing Card Company's hometown of Erlanger, Kentucky.

That's all for now - see you at the convention in October!

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