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Gearing Up for Magic Live

I've been making the necessary preparations for Magic Live - and believe me, there's a lot of balls to juggle when it comes to making an appearance as a dealer at a convention! I ordered new business cards, banners and a table throw with logo for the booth, a credit card machine - I'll be accepting most major credit cards with magstrips and/or chips as well as most cellphone-based "wallet" app payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.). The hotel room is booked, the plane tickets are a done deal, the booth is paid for as is my own admission (hey, I want to attend some of the lectures and have some fun, too) - all that remains for me in terms of dealing with other companies is to make a car reservation.

Randy Butterfield, my cohort in crime for the convention, has kindly given my logo a little facelift for the aforementioned cards and booth decor, and you now see it gracing my website - which I've tweaked a bit to freshen up the design and make the color scheme more in line with the cards and booth art.

It feels a little daunting - I've never done Magic Live before, as a participant or as a dealer - but I'm sure it's going to be a blast. An exhausting, delirious, crazy blast, to be sure, but a blast nonetheless! As mentioned, I'll have many decks on hand for immediate sale, all Randy's designs and chosen specifically to be appealing to card workers, but I'll also have my toolkit on hand for making on-the-spot alterations for those wishing to make custom orders. Depending on the order, I'll have it done either within minutes at the show or I'll have to make arrangements to mail you the finished product if it's something a bit more complex.

I'm also crossing my fingers that I'll have time to get more proficient in my new tools I've acquired for card splitting - I'm interested in creating custom-gaffed cards, things such as mis-indexed cards, double backers, blank facers, etc., all in the various custom designs you rarely if ever see them in. It's a big part of why I got into this in the first place.

Actually, there's two big reasons, and they are: 1) I wanted to get a better-quality gaffed deck on the market, the kind of thing that's a real "stealth weapon" in the right hands, and 2) I wanted to see gaffs that were more than just the standard Bicycle Rider Back or the other terrifically common deck designs that most gaff cards come in. I'm not just a magician, I'm a collector who appreciates playing card design and has been really enjoying the explosion of custom decks that have come onto the market in the past decade-and-a-half or so, starting with Ellusionist releasing the Bicycle Black Tiger deck and kicking into overdrive with companies like Expert Playing Card Company, Legends Playing Card Company and Kickstarter putting very high-quality work on the market and in the hands of aficionados like myself. Whereas you once needed very deep pockets to get your own deck made, now you can have a one-off, professionally-printed deck for about $20, less if you take advantage of bulk discounting.

That's all for now, I have things to get back to - I'm working on the "secret lair" section of the site, which will be a password-protected section loaded with downloadable instruction sheets and eventually streaming video links for my customers to get more familiar with my products. If you're going to Magic Live, be sure to give me and Randy a visit - we have an excellent booth location, a prime spot on the dealer room floor in our opinion. Walk straight through the entrance, you'll see us on the right before you reach the other side of the room!

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