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I get occasional requests from my customers for special work that's just not my forté.  I don't want to leave you in the lurch, so I've compiled a list of the people I recommend for doing that work.  These people are all up to snuff and I'm happy to send the work their way.  ​  When you're done, come back to my websites: click here for custom orders and here for pre-made decks ready to ship.



Don Boyer

The Deck Tailor


Looking for a custom gaff card - a double-backer in your favorite, uncommon deck design, or perhaps a double facer with two specific cards that no one else is selling, a shimmed card or a special mis-indexed card?  Look no further.


Kevin's an old friend with a long history in magic.  He created the New York Magic Project, he worked with Alex Pandrea over at the Blue Crown, and now he's head of custom decks over at Penguin Magic.  One of my favorites of his is "Cannibal," a very cool take on Cannibal Kings where a "bitten off" corner of a signed card ends up INSIDE the "cannibal" King (sandwiched between the layers of paper)!  Very high impact stuff.  Kevin specializes in small-volume work and can skillfully assemble what you're looking for.

- JEREMY HANRAHAN - It is with great regret that I inform you that Mr. Hanrahan has hung up his gaffing tools and no long does custom card work.


I met the owner of this company, James Anthony, when I had a dealer table at Magic Live 2019.  Soon after, I had a customer of mine send me some of his handiwork - he wanted a specific gaffed deck made in a specific, less-than-common card back design, so he needed Print By Magic (PBM) to do the printing while I did the cutting.  PBM, based in Stockport, Manchester, UK, prints a variety of work for the non-magicians, but for card folks like us, they use genuine Bicycle double-blank cards and print whatever you need on them - gaffs, custom decks, even your business card.  They also print USPC-style card boxes, large photos across multiple cards, even a close-up pad with your custom image on it - his shop is worth a look.


These things are incredible - one moment, you see one card, and with a gentle shake, it turns into another right before your spectators' eyes.  I've had a few requests for these, and after seeing them in action, I know why.


He may not have invented the flap card, but he seems to have raised it to a fine art form.  Hondo Chen has pre-made flap cards and will take custom orders.  He makes his new models extra-thin, for better concealment of the effect, and there's virtually no creasing visible - plus he even makes models that change not just once but TWICE.

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